About TopDrops.org

TopDrops.org uses the top 1 million websites list supplied by Amazon's Alexa. It checks each site weekly to see if it runs Drupal and then lists the top Drupal websites ranked by their access statistics.

Highlight your site with DrupalPeople

Any website detected to run Drupal will also be checked for /drupalpeople and if that serves a comma separated list of Drupal UIDs, will highlight the Drupal People that were involved in the website. It will also highlight the site in the top list with a blue icon. Use the Drupal People module if you prefer not to serve /drupalpeople manually.

Once in a while, usually each week, the Drupal user pages for those people are also checked to get a username for the UID. If the user page lists a Drupal Association membership the icon for the top site and for the Drupal Person will be highlighted accordingly.

No /drupalpeople
Drupal People for the Website are Listed
Drupal Association Individual Membership
Drupal Association Organization Membership
Individual and Organization Membership

Since we cannot hit Drupal.org on potentially infrequently accessed and/or changing user profile pages on too regular a basis (this may generate undue load on D.o), if you have just updated your Drupal Association membership and want me to manually check your user profile to update TopDrops.org's awareness of your association membership, just drop me an e-mail (e-mail address below).

Find Your Website Rank

This box searches only the most recent list of top Drupal websites we have listed on TopDrops.org (remember, no www).

For your site's overall international or in-country rank, simply go to Alexa and search for your domain name (or just click here and replace burtronix.co.za with your domain name): http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/burtronix.co.za.

Per-Country Lists of Top Drupal Websites

TopDrops.org has an ancestor. We still serve a list of top Drupal websites for many countries based on access statistics of people in each country and limited by each country's country code top level domain on our older website. It may be updated in future with newer statistics; You never know when time and budget allows: Top Drupal Websites per Country.

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TopDrops.org is a labour of love / casual project by Riaan Burger... so don't take it too seriously ;-) Comments, discussion and suggestions are always welcome.


Drop11  box.com
Drop31  rae.es
Drop34  ed.gov
Drop43  nbc.com
Drop50  psu.edu
Drop57  caf.fr
Drop73  bt.dk
Drop85  edx.org
Drop101  nolo.com
Drop105  tv2.dk
Drop106  bovada.lv
Drop111  afp.com
Drop115  priyo.com
Drop121  mnn.com
Drop124  sba.gov
Drop126  jpost.com
Drop129  ox.ac.uk
Drop147  spin.com
Drop158  ftc.gov
Drop164  km.ru
Drop165  13.cl
Drop167  cam.ac.uk
Drop169  real.com
Drop182  roku.com
Drop188  sncf.com
Drop192  duke.edu
Drop198  hlntv.com
Drop201  planet.fr
Drop211  stuff.tv
Drop214  wa.gov.au
Drop221  iprima.cz
Drop226  asu.edu
Drop233  mris.com
Drop256  bmj.com
Drop260  maxim.com
Drop267  ewg.org
Drop283  dot.gov
Drop287  swtor.com
Drop294  lotto.pl
Drop296  tri.co.id
Drop298  tn.gov.in
Drop305  ge.com
Drop308  ubnt.com
Drop314  ncaa.com
Drop315  zauba.com
Drop317  drupal.ru
Drop320  golf.com
Drop323  vibe.com
Drop326  petmd.com
Drop328  mcgill.ca
Drop329  java.net
Drop343  udg.mx
Drop347  cozi.com
Drop353  b.dk
Drop362  adjal.com
Drop375  clint.be
Drop378  k12.com
Drop382  libero.pe
Drop386  ucsf.edu
Drop387  inwi.ma
Drop390  click.ro
Drop399  pitt.edu
Drop400  iii.co.uk
Drop417  divx.com
Drop419  rsc.org
Drop421  papaki.gr
Drop423  uiowa.edu
Drop428  eff.org
Drop434  auth.gr
Drop435  wbprx.com
Drop438  cineca.it
Drop440  cmse.ru
Drop445  ooma.com
Drop451  irce.com
Drop456  tvxs.gr
Drop465  uc.cn
Drop467  seb.lt
Drop470  wgu.edu
Drop471  crn.com
Drop475  dwell.com
Drop483  umass.edu
Drop491  nypl.org
Drop492  brown.edu
Drop500  pdx.edu